Full question in the attached below. HELP QUICK . Ms.Call is renting a truck for a day. The two choices she has are Company A and Company B. Company A charges $35 per day plus $0.45 per mileCompany B charges $60 per day plus $0.25 per mile. What is the minimum number of miles that Ms.Call would need to drive in order to make renting from Company B a better deal.

Accepted Solution

Answer:125 milesStep-by-step explanation:Write formulas for the amount of $ that would be due each of the two companies and set these equal to one another prior to solving for the number of days:A:  $35 + ($0.45/mile)x   B:  $60 + ($0.25/mile)xThen $35 + ($0.45/mile)x = $60 + ($0.25/mile)x, or($0.20/mile)x = $25                                                                        $25dividing both sides by $0.20 yields  x = ------------------- = 125 miles                                                                     $0.20/mileThe charges made by the two companies would become equal after the 125th mile.  After that, Company B would become cheaper.