A clothing store used the sign show below to advertise a discount on shirts:Discount: Buy two shirts get 50% off third shirtKy wants to buy three shirts, which were originally priced $49.96 each. The store will discount the price of the third shirt and then apply a 7.1% tax to the total cost of all three shirts. Including the tax, what will the mean cost of each shirt?A)$41.99 B)$42.70 C)$44.59 D)$45.18

Accepted Solution

Tax= Tax %(Price of 2 Shirts + 50% of 3rd Shirt)
Tax= 7.1%[49.96+49.96+1/2(49.96)]
Tax= 0.071(49.96+49.96+24.98)
Tax= 0.071(124.90)
Tax= $8.8679

Total= Tax + Price of Shirts
Total= $8.8679 + $124.90
Total= $133.7689 or rounded $133.77

Mean Price= Total ÷ 3
Mean= $44.5893 or rounded $44.59

Answer: C) $44.59

Hope this helps! :)