Artie sells ice cream from a cart. The items, their prices, and the quantity sold on an average day are shown in the table. Which expression is equivalent to a single day of ice cream sales? A) 1.75a + 2.25(b + c) + 2.75a B) 4.5a + 4b + 2.25c C) 10.75(a + b + c) D) 10.75abc

Accepted Solution

Answer:Option B. [tex]4.5a+4b+2.25c[/tex]Step-by-step explanation:we know thatThe expression equivalent to a single day of ice cream sales is equal to(Observing the table)[tex]a(1.75)+b(2.25)+a(2.75)+c(2.25)+b(1.75)[/tex]Group terms that contain the same variable[tex](a(1.75)+a(2.75))+(b(2.25)+b(1.75))+c(2.25)[/tex]Combine like terms[tex](a(1.75+2.75))+(b(2.25+1.75))+c(2.25)[/tex][tex]a(4.5)+b(4)+c(2.25)[/tex]Rewrite[tex]4.5a+4b+2.25c[/tex]