I was asked to find the area of a triangle but all I know is that the longest side of the triangle is 13 units, the shortest side is 7 units, the third side is 8 units, and two of the angle measures are 32° and 28°. How would you solve this problem?

Accepted Solution

Answer:24.25Step-by-step explanation:let's know what kind of triangle we are dealing withThe sum of the degrees of angles in a triangle is = 180so if both angles given sum up to (32 + 28) = 60, then the other angle is (180 - 60) = 120.2. Let's draw this triangle    ABCAB = 13BC = 7CA = 8angle c = 120 degreesangle b = 32 degrees   angle a = 28 degrees 3. Now, since it's not a right angled triangle the formula for calculating the area of a non right angled triangle = 1/2absineC ((7*8) sine 120)/2    sine 120 = 0.866(56*0.866)/2 = 24.25 P.S. check the attached image to know what the triangle looks like