Can u guys PLEASE answer this question ASAP. A farmer spreads 25 kg of fertiliser over an area of 4000m square. How much fertiliser would be needed to cover an area of 1.5 ha

Accepted Solution

Answer:93.75 KgStep-by-step explanation:Farmer spreads 25 kg fertilizer over an area of 4000 m square .So, Over 1 m square , [tex]\frac{25}{4000}[/tex] kg of fertilizer will be needed As we know , 1 hectare = 10,000 m square.So, 1.5 hectare equals 15,000 m square.So, for 15,000 m square , Fertilizer needed will be equal to                                      [tex]\frac{25}{4000}[/tex] ×15,000 = 93.75 KgSo, 93.75 Kg of fertilizer is needed for 1.5 ha of land.