2. A scuba diver was exploring a reef 77.5 m below sea level. The diver ascended to the surface at a rate of 12.5 m/min. (a) Write an equation to model the situation. Use the formula d = rt. (b) Explain why it is reasonable to write the distance, d, as a positive number? Explain. (c) How long did it take the diver to reach the surface?

Accepted Solution

Answer:77.5 = 12.5t6.2 mins.Step-by-step explanation:The scuba diver was at the sea bed from where the water surface is at 77.5 m height. The ascending speed of the diver is 12.5 m/minute. a. If the diver take t minutes to reach the water surface, then the equation that models the situation is Β 77.5 = 12.5t ......(1) b. If we consider the sea bed as a reference level i.e. zero height, then the sea surface will be at 77.5 m height. Therefore, in that case, it is reasonable to write the distance 77.5 m as a positive number. c. Solving the equation (1), we get, t = 6.2 minutes. So, the diver will take 6.2 mins to reach the surface. (Answer)